Gird Your Loins: Hackers Are Breaking Into Men’s Chastity Belts


Welp. This is simply awful news for men who want to preserve their purity: according to Bleeping Computer, users of the Bluetooth-controlled, male chastity device Qiui Cellmate were attacked by hackers who found a vulnerability in the adult toy’s source code.

Since all Men’s Humors readers are probably wearing a chastity device right now, we strongly advise that you stay alert and make sure no one is remotely unlocking your penis cage.

How Was Qiui Cellmate Hacked?

The Qiui Cellmate is locked (or unlocked in the event of marriage) by a companion app that is typically controlled by someone other than the person wearing it. Your spouse, for instance. Unfortunately, researchers at Pen Test Partners discovered that “making a request to any API endpoint did not require authentication and that using a six-digit ‘friend code’ would return ‘a huge amount of information about that user,’ such as location, phone number, plain text password.”

“It wouldn’t take an attacker more than a couple of days to exfiltrate the entire user database and use it for blackmail or phishing,” claimed Pen Test Partners.

vx-underground via Twitter

The hackers are able to “enumerate user info and send messages to the victim’s app and add friends,” according to an analysis from security researcher Ax Sharma. Yup, that means your priest, too. How mortifying would this be? Just imagine if your pastor found out that your chastity devices was unlocked before marriage. That is scary enough for us to go back to analog lock-and-key chastity belts right here and now.

What Happened During These Hacks?

Last year, users began reporting that they could no longer control the smart adult toy. The attackers would lock the Bluetooth penis cages from afar, so the user was unable to take it off unless they paid a Bitcoin ransom to the hacker. Further, the perpetrators would often communicate with their victims, and in some cases, claim that they “used magic to take control of the [chastity device.”

Even worse for the victims, there’s no manual override for the device, and cutting the lock’s hardened steel requires an angle grinder. Yikes. The only thing worse than having premarital sex is maiming your genitals. What a nightmare!

Fortunately, Qiui released a helpful video showing you how to pry off the device with a screwdriver. Now that’s customer service!

Hopefully Qiui has resolved these vulnerabilities. Men deserve the comfort of knowing their penis and virginity couldn’t be compromised at the whims of a cyber-thief.