Good Horse News! This Elderly Lady Stole Millions To Create A Horse Farm

by Mad Dog

ILLINOIS — It’s not everyday that you read good news about the world of horses…which is why we’re ecstatic to announce that something completely awesome has happened in the world of horses!

Mildred H. Crowley, aged seventy two, was charged last week in federal court in Chicago with fraudulently opening a corporate bank account at her company to pay for her very own horse farm and horse show, the US attorney’s officer for the Northern District of Illinois announced on Monday.

The farm itself sits in Southwest Bourbonnais, Illinois, and features heated barns for the horses as well as training and lessons and sales. She literally started a business with the stolen money from her own company.

That’s just wicked.

And it doesn’t stop there. Crowley apparently also used the stolen money from her company to purchase travel throughout the country for her horses, restaurant meals for her horses, and she even bought a 475,000 dollar bridle rack for them in 2015.

We have no clue what a bridle rack is, but geez, they seem like they’re pretty nice! Think of how many cars you could buy with that amount of money, instead of buying horses. Probably a lot if we had to guess.

Now, how did Mildred get caught with a horse farm in the middle of the Illinois countryside? Well, it might have a little something to do with a post about her horse farm that she wrote on Facebook in August of 2015:

“Thanks everyone,” Crowley wrote. “We are still doing work on the house and middle barn. When I pull into the driveway I can’t believe I have been blessed to call this beautiful property home.”

Doh! Self-own, Mildred. Self-own indeed. That’s definitely gonna leave a mark in court when she has to testify. Until then, we’ll keep you posted on all things horse. Keep grindin’ out there, playboys.