Gorilla Flips Off Zoo Goers Because That’s What They Evolved To Do

by Gorman
gorilla bird

Gorillas have long been up to shenanigans that are absolutely silly. When we’re lucky, we catch their exploits on camera. Recently a video surfaced of a gorilla flipping off a guy at the zoo. It might seem terrifying at first (how have the evolved so quickly?!) But it’s actually only the latest in a rich tapestry of videos of gorillas flipping us the bird.

As you will see from the many videos below, gorillas know well the power of the middle finger.

This throwback vid from the early oughts is set to fittingly badass music. The gorilla featured just does not give a care about you, your rules, your zoo or your fun. Rock on, gorilla.

This gorilla is older, so she gives even less of an ef. Look at her, flipping off a kid! What a jerk, but also a rockstar? 10/10 would hang out with this gorilla.

Look at this prince. We get it, man. You’re sitting in your cage, enjoying a head of lettuce, when some bozos get in your space! Who wouldn’t flip em off?!

Lol, damn, this king ain’t hiding!

It’s no big mystery why these gorillas have evolved to flip us off…we keep destroying their environement and putting them in disgusting cages! But at least it’s funny as all get out.

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