Hilarious Technology Fails That Will Make You Feel Bad For These People

by TheDuder95
ipad engraving fail

Technology can be tough sometimes! We can’t all be Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. With things constantly being changed or updated, it can be hard for regular people to keep up. Sometimes parents and grandparents just need a little bit of help catching up with the 21st Century. Nothing wrong with that! It just creates some hilarious technology fails in the process!

This list of painfully cringy yet funny examples of people struggling with technology will bring a smile to your face. Check it out!

1. Hey the printer isn’t working. I think it’s out of paper!

“The Printer Isn’t Working”
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2. This is why you never put a space heater next to your PC

End User Had A Heater Next To The PC Which Was Randomly Shutting Off And She Thought She Had Smelled Burning A Couple Of Times. It Is Literally Screaming
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3. That’s one way to set up an ad blocker

This Is How My Auntie Blocks Ads From Her Computer Screen
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4. Dad just wanted to print out this cool video for you

Oh, Dear, Dad Tried To Print A Video
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5. Sometimes you just want to save those tabs to look at them later

Technologically Superior
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6. Grandma thought the iPad was a cutting board. Hey who can blame her? Those things look more like cutting boards every year!

My Girlfriend's Grandma Thought The iPad Was A Cutting Board
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7. This is better than an iPad case

Should I Tell My Mom She's Supposed To Take The iPad Out Of The Box?
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8. Hey Grandpa – wondering why your screen isn’t working? Probably because you literally melted it!

My Dad Says, “Google Is Doing This Stupid Thing Where The Blur The Top Left Part Of The Results. Facebook Is Doing It Too Actually.” He Melted The Top Left Corner Of His Screen
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9. Apparently this old man wanted to see what it would be like to use a Kindle. Honestly a genius!

Asked My Dad Why He Was Reading Through The Camera App On His Phone. He Said He Wanted To See What It Would Be Like If I Had A Kindle
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10. Computer not working because of candle wax? Did you try turning it off and then on again?

I Need Somewhere To Set This Candle. Oh Here’s A Good Spot
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11. Did you go deep sea diving with that phone? How does a phone get that wet???

iPhone X That Came Into The Shop Today. Customer Said “I’ve Never Dropped It In Water”
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12. That’s one way to transfer pictures to your phone

My Dad's Way Of Transferring Pictures
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13. Why won’t this thing charge?

My Mother-In-Law Keeps Complaining That Her Kindle Wouldn’t Charge
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14. When you accidentally turn off your keypad lighting and can’t figure out how to turn it back on

Dad Accidentally Turned Off Keyboard Backlighting And Couldn’t See The Keys
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15. You gotta unwrap the screen buddy!

Customer Brought In This iMac For Not Powering On. This Is How He Apparently Uses It
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16. Someone help this lady bump up her font a bit. This is just sad.

My Mom Using A Magnifying Glass To See My Phone Better. Love Her To Death But She's Not The Best With Technology
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17. Wonder why the Wi-Fi connection is so bad? Guess those tin foil hats to protect us from aliens might actually work!

Brother Couldn’t Figure Out Why His Wi-Fi Signal Was Terrible
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18. Ah yes that’s why the laptop isn’t charging!

Just Found Out Why My Mom's Laptop Wasn’t Charging
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19. Guess that’s why they invented speakerphone

"It's Hard To Hear People Unless I'm On Speakerphone"
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20. Scanners are just the OG screenshot

My Mom Didn't Know How To Take A Screenshot So She Improvised With The Scanner
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