Kevin Durant Has Some Thoughts On The “Godzilla Vs. Kong” Trailer

by TheDuder95

NBA superstar Kevin Durant is in the midst of an incredible comeback season after being sideline due to injury. Despite his recent resurgence on the court, he still appears to have plenty of time to stay active on social media.

While Durant is no stranger to online spats, the two time NBA Champion has recently set his Twitter sights on something a little less controversial: the new trailer for Godzilla Vs. Kong.

Damn sounds like KD is feeling pretty confident that Godzilla could defeat King Kong in a one-on-one death match.

Kevin Durant’s got Godzilla…

The new movie, which stars an ensemble cast featuring Millie Bobbie Brown, Kyle Chandler, Brian Tyree Henry, and of course Godzilla and King Kong, is set to come out this year in theaters and HBO Max in March. In the trailer we get a little taste of the battle between the two iconic monsters.

With the trailer going viral in just a short amount of time, countless folks on social media weighed in to share their theories about who would win in the battle. Kevin Durant clearly thinks Godzilla has the advantage, and elaborated on his pick between the two beasts in hilarious fashion.

The 6’10” triple threat even backed up his pick with a little bit of a conspiracy theory about the movie itself. We aren’t sure where he heard this rumor from, but it’s certainly compelling.

Damn. Kevin sure has put a ton of thought into this film. Maybe he’s been chatting with teammates Kyrie Irving and James Harden about it? This certainly seems right up their alley, and would be a clear sign that the three All-Stars are bonding together.

Durant sure seems convinced that Godzilla would destroy Kong, but why don’t you check out the trailer below and see for yourself.

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