Knife Kid: You’ll Never Guess What The Boy From This Viral Video Looks Like Now

by Gorman

We have many avenues for laughter in this technological age. Vine was the best. We have TikTok now, sure, and it has many a bell and whistle. We have Snapchat, YouTube, as well as a multitude of other virus ridden apps you can download and mess around with. Without these, we would never have knife kid.

Every once in a while you will catch something so short and perfect that it’s destined for internet fame. It will be pure. Comedy distilled to its simplest parts, like visual one liners (the most perfect comedy art form).

One of our favorite internets from the annals (or anals, if it so pleases) of history is the one of a kid running around an above ground pool wielding a knife. It’s clearly the greatest day of this child’s life. He hit the jackpot, and in this world the jackpot is a knife. You go, kid!

The lady (not his mom) asking him about it is, understandably, dismayed. She makes quick work of retrieving the fabled knife.

So what of it? This kid rules, but what the heck happened to him? According to this Daily Dot article, the event happened in 2017. That’s practically 1000 years ago. Well, we caught up with the child and you’ll never believe what he looks like now!

Wow! Time has been kind to this kid!

Looks like that kid grew up and got a suit! Lookin dapper, dude!


Damn, bro. You look like you need a massage!

This is what Screech from Saved By The Bell looks like now, by the way. Not related to Knife Kid. We just thought it was pretty cool.

Well, we hope this kid is doing well. Time truly moves faster on the internet! Want more viral stuff? Click here!