Lovecraftian Horror For Kids: Thomas The Tank Engine As A Spider

by Gorman
thomas the tank spider

Childhood is a time for wonder and imagination. It is not a time for whatever lovecraftian horror is stampeding across the tracks in this YouTube video. Gaze at it. Behold this stupendous eldritch abomination. This is, of course, Thomas The Tank Engine. However, it is not Thomas The Tank Engine. This is nothing that exists on this earth.

Toot toot!

All joking aside, this thing is actually the most beautiful and sexually attractive train spider we have ever seen. The video already has 2,538,358 views at the time of this article being written! That’s 2,538,358 nightmares already dreamt.

This lovecraftian version of Thomas the Tank Engine might not be for everyone. It might not be especially appropriate for children. However, it is a work of art. A gloomy night and a red eyed train barreling across the countryside: what a dream!

We also have to look at this from an engineering perspective. This train is propelled by both the engine of the train and Thomas’s spider legs. This baby moves fast! One of these days you’re going to see a giant spider super train steaming across the country.

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