Man Transforms Himself Into An Alien/Person Who Will Do Poorly In A Job Interview

by TheDuder95
man with alien body mods collage

Instagram influencers are all over the place right now. It’s hard to scroll through the social media platform without seeing someone trying to sell you a lifestyle product. One popular Instagrammer is taking his account in a totally different direction. He’s turning himself into an alien.

Via @the_black_alien_project

We really hope you are making some money off this stunt selling Instagram ads because there’s no way you would do well in a normal job interview!

Anthony Loffredo (aka “The Black Alien“) has undergone numerous procedures in order to completely transform his body. Over the years he has covered his entire body, even his eyeballs, in tattoos. He even split his tongue in half. On top of that he’s received numerous facial piercings and removed his nose!

The 32-year-old Frenchman says that he became “passionate about mutations and transformations of the human body” from a young age. Some kids are into baseball cards. This guy was into weird body stuff. Go figure.

Guessing his LinkedIn wouldn’t get that many hits. [Via Instagram]

You do you, man! Just don’t expect to get a call back from an HR department about a job anytime soon. We’re guessing this sort of thing would unfortunately be a dealbreaker for most employers. That’s a bummer but probably true!

That’s a weird looking alien!

One of Anthony’s latest procedures involved the removal of his top lip, which now leaves his front teeth exposed. This latest operation is apparently something he’s been trying to do for quite some time. In fact, he’s even had to travel for certain procedures due to some of them being illegal where he lives. He had to visit a special doctor in Spain to remove his nose.

In spite of the effort he has had to go through to achieve his look, he said he can walk with his ‘head high’ thanks to the man who performed his nose removal. Yeah you’re going to have to keep that freaky alien head held high just to breathe. Good lord!

Dressed up for a job at Target that he’ll never get [Via @the_black_alien_project]

During a live Q&A on Instagram The Black Alien told viewers he wants to remove his skin and replace it with metal. But up next on the list for modifications are his arms, legs, fingers and the back of the head. Anthony is clearly on a mission to look as much like an alien as humanly possible.

This is definitely not something we would do, but props to you for living out your weird dream!

Hopefully you’ll get some funds selling energy drinks or something on social media. Guessing a job at a Fortune 500 company is probably out of the question.