WATCH: Man Using A Flamethrower To Clear His Snowy Driveway Has Us Jacked Up About The Practicality Of Flamethrowers!

by Tim K

Excuse me, Weapons Heads, may I have your attention please? We’ve got some seriously awesome news! Per The New York Post, a Kentucky man was filmed using a flamethrower to clear snow from his driveway, which has us completely inspired by what other possibly-useful things can be done with a flamethrower!

Hell yes! How about, like, cooking a big-ass pig?! Like, as a roast! That’s just one idea off the top of my head! I’m not married to it!!!!

Footage showed Timothy Browning – who’s wearing only a white bathrobe, slippers, and a hat – chugging a beer and smoking cigar.

After that, the man readies his big-ass flamethrower and points it toward the driveway.

Then, Browning lets the weapon roar to life before easily melting away the powder on covering the driveway.

Furthermore, he wrote “God bless American rednecks!” on the Facebook video, and while I personally have no idea what that means or who he’s even talking to, it sounds like he was really excited about that part. Neat!

Check Out The Weaponry Masterclass For Yourself:

Yeah, there’s no doubt… that shit is 100% tight as shit!

Moreover, it leaves us at Men’s Humor absolutely STOKED on the idea of using a flamethrower for other super practical stuff around the house. Here’s some of the brainstorms we’ve come up with so far…

IDEAS For A Flamethrower That Are Useful And Practical (Not JUST Badass-Looking)

• We could roast a big pig. One that kind of turns over a fire, and has that apple in his mouth. Something like that, think I mentioned already.

• Lighting the fireplace. That’s an easy-ass one.

• Stove

• Microwave.

• Tea kettle.

• Heating up the tub (stick the flamethrower under the water, then turn it on).

• Heating up the jacuzzi (stick the flamethrower under the water, then turn it on).

• Scare the neighbors for [BLANK] reason. (Everyone’s motive for wanting to scare their neighbors is unique, thus the fill-in-the-blank).

And those are just some ideas to start. Don’t get me wrong, I could easily think of a bunch of other sick options if I had more time, but I don’t right now.

In conclusion, it’s pretty inspiring to see a guy using a flamethrower for something around the house, and we at Men’s Humor would like to see more videos like this. Our DMs are open! Please begin using a flamethrower during regular chores and let us know how it goes! Thank you! Goodbye for now.