Original Yelp? An Old Man Spent $10k on Ads Complaining About His Internet

by TheDuder95

Everyone knows that Internet companies are the absolute worst to deal with. But one 90-year-old man in California said “enough is enough” and took his gripes to the next level. No he didn’t use Yelp. He spent $10,000 on ads complaining about his Internet service provider AT&T.

We’ve heard of blasting companies you hate on Yelp, but buying thousands of dollars worth of ad space just to complain? That’s next level.

We stan a petty king with slow internet!

Aaron M. Epstein, 90, has been an AT&T customer since the 1960s. When he started to notice that his Internet speeds were drastically getting slower and slower, he reached out to AT&T for answers. Despite numerous calls and chats with customer service, nothing was done to fix his problems.

“Although I was paying for 3.5 Mbps., sometimes was only up to 1.5 Mbps. So, watching a movie through Roku was slideshows,” Epstein said. The 90-year-old retiree says that he has been hounding AT&T for years about getting access to their faster fiber-optic cable Internet services.

While AT&T remained polite and “courteous,” according to Epstein, the company made very little progress with upgrading services in his area. That’s when he decided to make a last-ditch effort to purchase ad space in The Wall Street Journal to complain about AT&T’s meager attempts to increase Internet speeds in his area.

Epstein’s advertisement in The WSJ

“Why is AT&T a leading communications company, treating us so shabbily in North Hollywood?” Epstein might be old as hell but he definitely knows how to get under the skin of major corporations! Who needs Yelp?

Go off, Aaron!

Epstein said that after word of his ads got out, he got mixed reactions. Some folks called him crazy, while others could relate to his frustrations. Epstein said that he doesn’t care what people think of him as long as it gets the job done. He just wants to be able to stream the old ass shows from the 1950s that he probably watches.

Eventually, AT&T caught wind of the old man’s ads and corporate got ahold of him. A spokesperson took down all of Epstein’s information and said they would see what they could do to help with his Internet woes. Hopefully Epstein will get some relief so he can get back to streaming the news or The Dick Van Dyke show or whatever 90-year-olds watch.

When news about Epstein’s ads broke, the Internet was quick to react.

We should all take a note out of Aaron’s playbook. When you are really mad about your Internet service, don’t just sit there and take it. Don’t just hope a company reads your Yelp review. Spend a small fortune on advertisements and go directly at the king. If you shoot your shot, you better not miss. Aaron clearly didn’t.

Score one for the little guys.