Patience Pays Off! Man Seduces Hummingbird After Courting It For Months

by TheDuder95

REDDIT — If you need a lesson in the virtues of patience, look no further than this viral TikTok video that is making the rounds on Reddit. After months of hard work and fortitude, one man was able to achieve his dream of having a hummingbird land on his hand. Check it out. 

Damn! Patience really is a virtue, even if you’re doing something as crazy as this. Who knows where that hummingbird has been!

In the viral video dubbed “My Hummingbird Challenge Journey,” we see a nature loving TikToker named Shawn go through various stages of training to reach his goal. You’d be hard pressed to stand between this man and his dreams! From day one, you can see the dedication in his eyes.


This video once and for all dispels the myth that it’s easy to get a hummingbird to land on you as it sucks nectar from a bird feeder. If this clip shows us anything, it’s that success doesn’t come overnight! It took Shawn over six months of dedicated training to be at the top of his game! How many of us are willing to make that kind of sacrifice?

Although the video was only posted a day ago, it has already garnered more than 5.7 million views! It’s also received more than 40k upvotes on reddit, and rightfully so! Shawn worked hard for this and deserves the acclaim. He’s an inspiration to us all!

Shawn, thank you for teaching us all a much needed lesson in our fast paced world. Patience really is a virtue, and it’s something we could all use it a little bit more of.