Peggy, The Standing Cat: This Kitten Is An Absolute Unit

by Gorman
peggy cover

Men’s Humor audience, let us introduce you to Peggy, a cat who looks like a penguin. This cat has it all, if by all you mean this cat stands up most of the time. The cat has a healthy following on TikTok, where the owners document Peggy’s shenanigans.

Awww, what a normal looking cat!

NEVERMIND. Look at this cat! This cat is an ABSOLUTE UNIT.

Once again, a normal looking cat in a box…cute, but nothing special…

DEAR GOD, LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL BEAST! She could crush us under her gorgeous feet and we would thank her for it.

Completely dignified, what a prince.

This cat is huge.

She is huge, but she is sensitive. She is the Robert Frost of enormous cats sitting on their hind paws.

Look at Peggy’s little set up! She’s got a whole corner of the room to herself and all her dumb stuff! She plays the ukulele!

Do not bother this cat while she is sunning her huge ass on the veranda.

Awww, this is literally the exact same way we watch football!

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