WATCH: Who Wouldn’t Want To Pet a Great White Shark While 60 Miles Off Shore?

by Stevie
Pet a great white shark

FLORIDA WATERS— A group of people fishing more than 6o miles off the Pinellas County, Florida coast line had a rare close encounter with a great white shark last week. As reported by WFLA, two in the fishing party, Peter Lambie and Gretchen Cooper, captured video of what appears to be a big-ass 18-foot scary-boi. Video shows it wandered up to the boat slowly. It then lifted it’s chin and said: ‘sup. Who wouldn’t want to pet a great white shark?

Serious question… would you?

The beast then took a little nibble on the rear motors. He just wanted to make sure he wasn’t missing out on what “looked like seal from back over where I was, back over there, duders.”

Always fun to watch something built like a monster have the personality of Crush from Finding Nemo.

Take a look at the shark video:

The group reported to be able to interact with the shark for more than an hour. The captain of the Girls That Fish, Tyler Levesque is picture getting close enough to give the pit bull of the ocean some scritches and lovin’ on the snouty-snouts.

The reaction in the video tells you it was a rare opportunity. Even professional guides who are on the water constantly don’t get the chance to touch a curious, living, swimming set of teeth. This dude was obviously fat and happy. Probably had a trip to the Golden Corral that night before. Just wanted to meet some peeps on this day.

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