Pet Otter? We Have No Idea How That Happened But It’s Pretty Cute

by TheDuder95

People seem to have all kinds pet options these days: dogs, cats, chickens, hedgehogs, you name it. Now it appears that Internet influencers have started a trend of adopting otters as pets. We have no idea if that is ethical at all, but this video of a pet otter in Japan is pretty cute.

The otter is named Aty and we absolutely love him. Its owner captured a video of it seeing a cow for the first time and went viral for it.

How this guy manages to keep his pet otter from escaping is beyond us.

It seems like it would be really easy for it to just swim away, but we are by no means experts in this area. Regardless, it’s still an incredibly cute little animal. It seems to be enjoying its life as well. More power to it. It just seems like it would be a lot of work to keep that thing on a leash.

Are otters cool with this situation? It seems like Aty is, but how long will that last? As soon as it sees a salmon or something like that flopping around in a river we’d be willing to bet that it would scurry off for good. Maybe that’s what should happen?

Otters should probably be free to live in the wild, unless they are endangered or something of course. If someone knows whether or not it’s ethical to own an otter as a pet, please let us know. We’ve got a lot going on right now and it’s going to be difficult for us to do the research on this.

We’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!