Remember Those Hilarious GI Joe PSAs? Its The Only Thing We CAN Remember

gi joe psa

Fensler Films. You may not remember the name, but you will remember their HILARIOUS GI Joe PSAs from the mid-aughts. They defined humor for an entire generation of Internet users.

In fact, it’s literally the only thing we can remember. We woke up this morning and couldn’t recall our own name, our identity, our family, friends, past. Only these GI Joe PSAs. It’s like a Memento situation, except it rules, because these videos are so freaking funny.

Check out some classic G.I. Joe PSAs below!

It does not even matter if we had a wife or kid that we can no longer remember. As long as we have videos like Pork Chop sandwiches swimming in our minds at Men’s Humor, we’ll be a-okay.

Retrograde amensia actually rules if you can at least recall funny-ass Internet videos. We consider ourselves blessed.

The last thing we remember is being in a car a night…maybe we had an accident or something? Doesn’t even matter. Whatever happened, it got rid of the junk-ass childhood memories and feelings and emotions that were clogging up space better used for G.I. Joe PSAs.

Not gonna even consult a neurosurgeon to fix what’s going on in our brain. To hell with an MRI machine, all we need is YouTube videos like these.

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