Short Stuff Takes On MUCH Larger Wrestling Weight Class

by Staff Writer
kids wrestling

Holy schnikes this was awesome! Wrestling weight class mismatches are fun to watch.

image via youtube video

If you can chose a race horse before watching – go ahead and do that now. Red boots has a huge advantage, but would we really be showing you this without brown boots doing something amazing. Still, choose your pony.

Who ya got?

Shorty pulls off the leveraged power move of the decade. Then he brightly trots back to center mat like we are gonna do it ten more times.

This is some Aikido/Judo/Mongolian/Whatever foot work mastery here. Planted that right leg and leveraged the future sumo master write into the cry zone.

Brutal editing by this camera man too. Geez. Both these kids will be better for this little situation, just hope double stuff doesn’t see the footage until he is much older.

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