Teen Finally Shows Some Initiative, Steals $1 Million From A Grocery Store In Two Weeks

by TheDuder95

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – Sick of slogging through your day to day tasks at a job that doesn’t pay you well enough? Join the club. But rather than complain about getting underpaid, one Atlanta-area teen who worked at a grocery store decided to do something about it.

He stole almost $1 million from his workplace in only two weeks.

Damn. Finally a teen showing some initiative! We hear so much about how teenagers these days don’t care about anything. Well this is one teenager who definitely found his passion. Bravo!

$1 million?!

Authorities accused 19-year-old Tre Brown of pocketing $980,000 while employed by national grocery store chain Kroger. The teen allegedly spent two weeks completing over 40 fake item returns between December of last year and January of this year.

The returns ranged from $75 to over $87,000 for non-existent items. According to authorities, Brown placed the returns on a few different credit cards. Corporate employees eventually noticed the transactions and ratted the teenager out even though he was just trying to show some ingenuity for a change.

Parents just don’t understand. [Via Giphy]

Further investigation into the matter shows that the teen apparently used the money to buy clothes, guns, shoes and two cars. Prior to his arrest, police said Brown managed to total one of the cars. Brown apparently returned some of the money already, but it’s unclear exactly how much. Despite that, prosecutors charged Brown with theft. He will eventually stand trial.

When news of the teenager’s conquest broke, folks on social media were quick to weigh in.

We’re impressed too. In a world filled with teenagers who don’t seem to show any purpose, we think it’s great that Tre found a way to showcase his passion. He’s clearly an inventive teenager with a bright future ahead of him.

Look out, world. This is a teenager who is going to be something someday.