The Best Jokes About What’s Happening Right Now With GameStop Stock

by TheDuder95
gamestop memes featured image

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’ve probably heard about GameStop and its meteoric rise on the stock market. As folks on reddit continue to pump up the value of the stock as a giant middle finger to Wall Street hedge funds, there has been no shortage of jokes online.

There’s no telling where the stock price will go from here. In the meantime, take a look at this roundup of the funniest tweets and memes about the past few crazy days on Wall Street.

1. Hmm certainly makes you think

2. Wall Street folks are just mad that people got in on the game

3. Haters gonna hate

4. At the end of the day we’ve learned so much

5. Send GameStop to the mooooon!

6. Not gonna lie this is pretty funny

7. Who’s the big dog now, Wall Street? GameStop!

8. Time to rethink your priorities

9. Couldn’t think of a better slogan

10. Well have you?

11. Don’t hate the players, hate the game

12. Which side are you on?

13. Good point

14. Sad but true

15. STONKS!!!


16. Thicc Dads getting their 15 minutes. That’s a beautiful thing.

17. Hedge fund traders be like…

18. Gamestop owes Reddit some trade-in credit or something

19. Culture shock at its finest

20. Same