The Price Of Greatness: This Man Grew Magic Mushrooms In His Own Body But Almost Died

by Gorman

Real life is a bummer. In addition, it can absolutely suck. Therefore we must take it upon ourselves, enterprising industrious humans (super monkeys,) to try and find solutions for our feels. Such as drugs! According to a story from Insider, “A man experienced organ failure after turning psychedelic mushrooms into tea that he then injected into his veins.”

The man was rushed to the hospital where doctors discovered the mushrooms were growing in his blood stream. Far out! But also, yikes, we’re sorry dude.

The poor guy was suffering from symptoms associated with bipolar disorder type 1. He wanted a little relief and that’s the reason he directly injected psychedelic mushroom tea into his body. Now, you may think “shit, what an idiot” …but you would be wrong.

According to Insider, there’s plenty of research that suggests the use of psychedelics can be useful for treating depression and anxiety. Cancer patients were given the drug in a recent study and “after being given psilocybin, the majority of patients reported an improvement in these symptoms immediately after treatment.”

So the man did his research and wanted to try and find a way to cure the blues organically. Nice job, dog. It’s certainly not the dumbest thing you can do with drugs. By injecting it directly into his bloodstream instead of taking it orally, he gave the shrooms exactly what they wanted- a dark place to breed and thrive. So the spores grew and turned him into drugs.

Please Don’t Turn Yourself Into Mushrooms

Being made out of drugs is not good for you. The guy’s organs were failing and he was unintelligible. That’s a pretty bad trip and we here at Men’s Humor know about bad trips. Luckily the doctors were able to get him back into fighting form with the help of some anti-fungal treatment. Hopefully they didn’t inject arm and hammer anti-fungal spray directly into his bloodstream.