These Foxes Laugh Like Middle School Bully Side-Kicks

by Gorman

Remember middle school? Rough, right? Unless you were popular, in which case we congratulate you on achieving something very difficult! For the rest of us, there are some long lasting traumas that lurk in the shadows of the subconscious. If that’s the case, maybe don’t watch this video because these foxes sound like the pimple-faced, patchy-jean-jacket wearing, tiny wretches that would laugh mercilessly while you were being picked on by a much larger guy.

Even their smiles, while cute, are smarmy as hell.

Now, none of us would refuse a cuddle and a scratch-fest with these little guys, but they sure as heck sound like they’re making fun of you somehow. If you listen close enough you might hear their taunts.

According to the nice lady (we think, hopefully) in the video the foxes name’s are Dixie and Finn, which are goddamn adorable, but they don’t really fit the snide bully side-kick vide they’re rocking. We have a few ideas for names that better suit their whole deal.

-Iago and Pitts

-Richie and Bosco

-Nutsack and Putz

-Willie Two-Eyes and Garth

-Bonnie and Fats

Well, there you have it. These foxes are creepy, but they make up for it by being very, very, very cute. The way that one fox stands on her head at the end is picturesque rascally business. Wanna see more animals being silly as-all-get-out? Click here!