These YouTubers’ Reaction To Hearing Steely Dan Proves The Internet Isn’t Pure Filth

by TheDuder95

Steely Dan is a band that was always a fan favorite of those who enjoy classic rock. Despite their standing in the rock world, they were never quite as popular as their other music contemporaries from the 60s and 70s like The Beatles or The Rolling Stones.

Lately, however, the band has gotten something of a second life thanks to younger folks who are now just hearing their classic hits for the very first time. They’ve even started recording their reactions to hearing some of Steely Dan’s most popular songs.

The videos are incredible and prove that the Internet isn’t just filled with insane conspiracy theories.

This is pretty much exactly how we felt when we heard Steely Dan for the first time too. We just didn’t have a camera handy to capture the reaction. Although maybe we definitely should have.

YouTubers TwinsthenewTrend have a pretty incredible channel where they film their reactions to iconic songs from back in the day. Since the two brothers created their YouTube channel a few years ago, they’ve received over 100 million video views and have almost 1 million subscribers. They’ve even been parodied on SNL.

Tim and Fred’s videos are marked by both their musical curiosity as well as their positivity. They never really bash any songs that they hear. In fact, they often celebrate them. While the two YouTubers are generally interested in more contemporary music themselves, that doesn’t stop them from appreciating the classics, like Phil Collin’s’ iconic hit “In The Air Tonight.”

This is definitely worth the watch.

In a world filled with so much utter chaos as well as an Internet that largely consists of filth, it’s nice to see some guys just celebrate some good music.

The world could definitely use a lot more of this.