This Guy Losing Out On $1 Million Will Make You Cringe

by TheDuder95

$1 million might not seem like a lot of money to some folks, but to most of us, it’s an amount of cash that could change your life. If you’re looking to absolutely squirm yourself out of existence today over a cringey video, then look no further than here.

This man lost out on $1 million dollars years ago during a game of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and the video will make you want to crawl into a hole.

Yikes. We can’t imagine even having the chance to win a million dollars on a game show, let alone having the opportunity and totally blowing it. There’s no way we could ever live it down.

He lost $1 million just like that!

What makes this Who Wants To Be A Millionaire contestant’s loss even worse is the fact that it took so long to unfold. He had a strong game up until that point and as a result had a few minutes left on the clock for his final question. The build up would have been less cringeworthy if it didn’t take as long.

On top of that, this contestant relied on the audience which ultimately led to his downfall. There’s not way that could ever be forgiven. In his defense, as well as the audience, that final question was totally out of left field. We certainly don’t recall ever learning about that part of LBJ’s presidential tenure during history class. Only a true weirdo would know that kind of factoid about a former U.S. President.

Don’t get us wrong. $25,000 is not an insignificant amount of money. But to be that close to the $1 million grand prize and to lose it on a random question? One that the audience didn’t even know? That’s truly cringeworthy.

We hope this man recovered from his horrible loss.