This Husky Is Cute, But He Needs A Spanking Pronto

by Gorman
zeus crying

Meet, Zeus (incredible name.) Zeus is a husky with an incredibly patient mother. Zeus cries about literally everything…that’s just his temperament. Whether it’s getting in the tub, getting out of the tub, moving to the back seat, sharing toys, etc…Fortunately, his mommy records this bullshit for us. It is so sweet, but also this Husky needs to get his act together, because his life is fine. Honestly, the way this husky cries and cries you’d think his children were being taken away. Don’t worry, he’s just being a brat.

Men’s humor loves brats!

Look at that freaking baby! Who does he think he is? He isn’t even tall enough to sit in the front seat. If there was an accident he would be crushed and suffocated by the airbag!

Never before has a creature been such a little bitch about getting water. What a sweetheart.

That spam looks delectable to us, but Zeus knows what’s us. Zeus does NOT want to be healthy.

Lol, uh oh. Look what Zeus did to his brother’s toy. Side note: Kaden is the other dog and he is always a sweety and doesn’t give a shit about nothin. We love Zeus but we love Kaden too. Big bummer that Roger Rabbit died for this though.

Also, what the hell is on his head?

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