This YouTube Poster Thinks He Has The Deepest Voice Ever

by TheDuder95

YouTube is filled with some pretty incredible videos. We’ve been spending a lot of time digging through old classics like “Unforgiveable” and the Weezer kids doing a horrible cover. Recently, however, we came across this weird viral gem. In it, a somewhat unknown YouTuber says he has the deepest voice of all time.

What do you think?

While this kid clearly can make his voice go pretty low, “deepest voice ever” is definitely a bit of a stretch.

Deepest voice ever? Nope

There’s no limit to the amount of misleading content on the Internet, and this video is certainly no exception. It’s gotten over 3 million views since it was uploaded, but the fact that it has a significant amount of down votes too proves that this kid’s voice is not as deep as he thinks it is.

The YouTube user has been dormant for years, probably because he knows that he is a fraud. He posted a few other videos in addition to the one embedded above claiming that he had the lowest voice ever. While he hedges a bit and says that there might be other folks with deeper voices, his confidence is unearned.

Typical YouTube influencer move to think you are way more special than you actually are. SMH!

We know for a fact that there are definitely people with lower voices that this kid. It took just a few minutes of searching through YouTube to find way more compelling deep voices. Take this man below. We aren’t exactly sure what’s going on with him, but he has the lowest voice we have ever heard.

This is truly remarkable video content.

Just goes to show that not you can’t believe everything you see on YouTube. Exercise caution, YouTube fans. There’s not telling what depths people are willing to go for their 15 minutes of fame. Straight up lying is not out of the bounds of reality.

Be careful out there.