Toilet Humor Tuesday: 15 Tweets About Toilets

by Gorman

There’s nothing like tried and true, always blue, jokes about the loo (toilets). High brow sophisticated humor is enjoyable SOMETIMES, but let’s be real: toilet humor will always be king. We’ve compiled some of the best toilet humor on twitter and it just goes to show, the only thing more satisfying than these jokes is actually taking a dump.

1. The Classy Toilet Joke

This toilet humor is on a whole other level. Who says you can’t be classy and bawdy at the same time? Side note, what the hell is going on with the pine cone?

2. Toad Stool

Sometimes the toilet itself can be funny/terrifying.

3. Dirty Talk

We do not know who this toilet set is being marketed to, but they probably had a very eventful honeymoon.

4. Mind Your Own Business

Singing in the shower is SO 2020. Nowadays we sing on the toilet and we do it with all the heart and passion a poop can inspire.

5. Making Fun Of Yourself

The toilet selfie is an art form unto itself. We respect this artist, and hope she’s reunited with her muse sometime in the near future.

6. One liner

Nothing to say really. This is a clear, well crafted joke. Johnny Carson would be proud!

7. Guy Who Has Never Had Good Sex

Sorry, man, but you gotta work a little harder.

8. Political Humor

Toilet humor is supposed to be an ESCAPE.

9. Not Funny, Mostly Just Rad

There isn’t much of a joke here, because this toilet fucking rules and we all want it. The Men’s Humor global headquarters should acquire these ASAP.

10. Men’s Humor

A real man cleans after himself.

11. Bad Puns

Toilet humor and bad puns are not mutually exclusive.

12. Good Puns

Look, “good” is subjective. Yes, it is sacrilege to put a Pixar movie in the toilet, but it’s also very funny that someone threw a dvd in a potty for a tweet.

13. The Internet Loves Cats And Toilets

Look at this little guy! He looks like he’s taking one colossal dump!

13. …ok?

Depending on what part of the country (or world) you live in, your toilet anxieties will vary. Who knew there was so much drama to be had on the can?

14. Chef’s Toilet

A cute, funny and disgusting idea, perfect for a birthday party or backyard barbecue. Yummy!

15. Memeified Toilet Humor

This one is the best.

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