Tucker Budzyn Resists The Steak Because He Is A Vessel Of God

by Gorman
tucker budzyn

You have to be a pretty gosh darn cute dog to get any kind of internet fame these days- the market is flooded! That’s why Tucker Budzyn is such a special good boy.

In the video below, he is wearing a mint green bow tie. Why? Because he’s a gentleman! His owner leaves him alone with a delicious looking steak for god knows how long and he resists the urge to chomp.

This is proof positive that Tucker Budzyn is a vessel of Christ. Who else would have the self discipline to negate their most primal urges?

Tucker clearly struggles through the disgusting ordeal his owner laid out for him. The video ends on a happy note, though. Tucker is a good boy and good boys deserve treats, if not whole steaks. Soldiers for Christ deserve steaks 100% so Tucker does get to eat the steak.

Thank the lord! If Tucker hadn’t gotten any steak we would have called the humane society or the ASPCA or the Vatican or SOMEONE to go and rescue him! In the future, this dame better remember who puts the steak on the plate in the first place- TUCKER. Tucker is the breadwinner in this family. He is also the holy ghost.

Like this good sweet doggy? Enjoy this good sweet doggies!