Twitter Is Suddenly Going Buckwild Over The Phil Collins ‘Tarzan’ Soundtrack From 1999

by Tim K
tarzan and tweet

If you’ve been hankering to talk about a so-so animated movie from 1999, you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what Twitter’s doing today: For some reason or another, everyone online is suddenly going absolutely apeshit for the Phil Collins soundtrack for the 1999 film, Tarzan.

Huh. Okay, cool. Nice!

Here’s A Refresher On ‘Tarzan’ For Anyone Who Doesn’t Remember ‘Tarzan’ Because It Came Out 22 Years Ago And Isn’t Ever On TV Or Anything:

‘Tarzan’ tells the classic, age-old story of a guy in the woods who’s raised by a bunch of animals. This movie is NOT to be confused with ‘King Kong’ (2006), starring Jack Black. ‘Tarzan’ is basically the animated version of that movie.

So Why Are We Talking About This Phil Collins Soundtrack? Is It The Anniversary Or Something? Of When It Came Out?

No, no. Nothing like that.


Yeah, yeah.

Here’s How It All Started!

From there, basically the entire Twitter website chimed in to praise the drummer-singer!

Is it pretty fleeting and meaningless and kind of sad in a way that everyone suddenly likes this soundtrack, but will obviously move onto something else to praise tomorrow? Yes… Doesn’t this all just kind of highlight the fact that no matter how good of a job you do, everyone’s work will always eventually be washed away to time? Sure… But are we drinking the Kool-Aid anyway? You betcha!

Check Out This Song Again!

So rad. Here’s to hoping Phil Collins writes more songs about apes soon! Go Phil, Go Phil, Go Phil, Go Phil, Go Phil, Go Phil, Go Phil, Go Phil! Thank you! Goodbye.

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