WARNING: These 15 Knockoff Toys Could Piss You Off So Much That You Smash Your Phone

by Tim K
Star Knight Toy

Listen, okay, first of all: Try not to get mad. I mean, yes, of course, getting angry is a totally understandable response to what you’re about to see, sure. But for your sake, please, try to be level-headed about all of this…

…Because you could easily get mad enough to smash your phone or laptop onto the ground and stomp all over it and scream so loudly until the police come to check on you.

Okay? You promise to be chill?

Good. Okay, cool. Let’s do this.

Take A Deep Breath Between Each Of These Pics, Please!

Best we can tell, knockoff toys have been around forever. Sites have been writing up lists of knockoff action figures for the better part of a decade. It doesn’t make these monstrosities OK.

Welp, we sure hope you made it to the end without breaking anything or making a scene or being put in handcuffs! Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to send this list to a friend that knows how to keep their cool!

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