WATCH: Wet. Ass. Piggies. This W.A.P. Parody Is Wholesome As Heck.

by Staff Writer
funny WAP parody

Check out this parody of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “W.A.P.” from a hog ranch outside Austin, TX. While they state on their website that they are a model to prove they can build nutritionally-dense and scalable food systems. We think more WAP parodies should be part of their core principles.

We aren’t tired of WAP yet, are we?

What? You were tired after the first week?

Well, buckle up for one last parody video.

Funny WAP Parody

We aren’t confident this video isn’t biting social satire. We don’t know the farm’s opinions on Cardi B. Even if they are calling her a pig, on this ranch, they totally respect pigs!


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