WATCH: “If Names Were Farts” – Key & Peele

by Staff Writer
if names were fart image capture

The comedy stylings of Key & Peele brought us this fantastic alternate-reality premise, If Names Were Farts. Yes, before Jordan Peele was pumping out classics in the comedy/horror genre, he was pumping out these classic flatulence sketches.

Before you watch, let me just set the stage with a few ground rules.

  1. Embrace your inner 12 year old.
  2. Suspend your disbelief.
  3. Prepare to ask where Jordan’s other Oscars went.

Behold and wonder:

Is it that much of a stretch that this came squeaked out of the mind of this duo prior to Jordan making Get Out? I think it’s obvious that Jordan is trying to set a stage for the exact same concept. The socio-political commentary is on full force here…we think. Super-clear message here, right?

I am hard pressed to accept the idea that K&P simply wanted an excuse to increase their fart-per-minute average to hall of fame levels. They aren’t padding stats. They are saying something profound.

Additionally, I think this should be labeled as science fiction. Despite objections of the Battle Star Trek Wars people, this is clearly a sci-fi world that has been imagined. These aren’t humans. Can you imagine the kind of articulation needed to pronounce names like this proficiently? If names were farts for actual humans we couldn’t handle getting though a single day. This is clearly an imagined off-shoot in human development and evolution who have the butt cheek advancements we can only imagine. This is like your ass having an opposable thumb. How is this not sci-fi?

Don’t @ me.

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