You’ve Seen Bad Tattoos Before, But Not Tattoos THIS Bad…

'jon bovi' bad tattoo

Bad tattoo lists have been floating around the Internet since the dawn of computers. It’s a type of content that never gets old. We’ve all seen them before. Today is different. You haven’t seen bad tattoos that reach this level of regrettable. Not in your worst nightmares.

Check Out The Most Heinously Awful Bad Tattoos You’ve Ever Seen Below

1. Is that…Monster Energy Drink font?!

“Flagpole Sitta” by Harvey Danger is an amazing rock song. This tattoo is NOT a fitting tribute to the glory of the song, but it’s kind of fitting for the lyrics.

2. Gummy Bears Humping

Well done, as a drawing. But immature. Come on man…

3. Mr. Brightside

Another amazing song, another subpar tattoo.

4. Face Tattoo For ‘Lucien’

Lucien, whoever you are, know this person has sacrificed a lot for you.

5. Ugly Face Tattoo

You’re beautiful no matter what you did to yourself.

6. Disco Ball

Disco rules. This tattoo doesn’t. Looks like the Death Star.

7. ????

This is a bullshit tattoo. Horrible.

8. Crying Benjamin Franklin

What does this mean? We doubt they know either.

9. Woman On Ribs

10. Bandana

Guess you don’t have to wash it! That’s a pro, we guess.

11. Disney Scenes

We’re guessing the daughter he did this for is not impressed. Or maybe she did these drawings.

12. Sketch Pad Nonsense

Yeah, these are some first drafts tattoos.

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