People Makeup Completely Fake Stories to Praise Walmart’s ‘Employee of the Week’ and It's Hilarious

People Makeup Completely Fake Stories to Praise Walmart’s ‘Employee of the Week’ and It's Hilarious
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Walmart operates over 10.5K stores worldwide and employs approximately 2.1M people, according to its official website. Imagine a Walmart employee who not only saves you trouble while shopping but also saves you from the troubles of the world. Are we talking about a super employee? Yes! Alley, a new 'Employee of the Week' at Walmart in Grundy, Virginia, was recently recognized, per BuzzFeed. People on the internet saw this opportunity and turned it into a hilarious scene. People in the comments began praising Alley and making up stories about her incredible skills and service level. According to some customers, Alley is nothing less than Mother Nature disguised and people suggest simply renaming the store Alleymart. Here are some of the customer feedbacks about Super-employee Alley that made us give a shoutout to these shoutouts. 


1. Alley to the rescue 

"I once gave birth to a baby girl and a month later the father left us right there in the housewares. Alley heard my cries of despair and brought me a blanket from an aisle over and some Reese’s from the candy section, and then she removed my ex from the premises and stepped up herself as my baby’s father. Our daughter is now 36 months old with 2 loving supportive parents. Thanks Alley. 10/10 will shop at this Walmart again." -Andrea Anderson

2. Alleymart 

"Alley has made every experience at my local walmart amazing. In fact I call it alleymart now because of her stellar customer service and attention to even the finest detail. She could prob run the whole store by herself tbh." -Andrew Thomas Russell

3. Super Alley 

"Alley once lept onto a grenade, using only her body to protect my cousin and his entire platoon while fighting in Iraq. She is truly a hero. When asked why she did it, Alley simply said, 'It was my American duty. 'Thanks Alley." -Drew Davis

4. "Mother Nature in disguise"

"Did you know those flowers behind Alley were actually dead and wilted a week ago? Alley is Mother Nature in disguise and not only brought those flowers back to life, but all of the flowers in Walmarts all across the country. Thank you for helping the flowers Alley!" -Savannah Haynes

5. 1100/1000 customer service 

"One time I witnessed Alley deliver a baby in the middle of the electronics department while also unlocking the case so I could buy a pair of headphones. The headphones were mediocre, but her customer service skills while she bit the umbilical cord was unmatched. 11/10. Awesome employee." -Andrew Jones

6. The ninja-wolf quest 

"My colleagues and I were passing through this Walmart when all of a sudden, a pack of wild ninja-wolf cross breeds cut us off just in front of the garden section. This associate immediately jumped into action and single handedly neutralized the threat without spilling a drop of blood. Please acknowledge this amazing act of customer service as she also went above and beyond to open another register. Thank you and I hope to cross paths on another quest." -Andrew Hammond Fisher

7. There are songs dedicated to her 

"This is the lady John Michael Montgomery sang about in his top ten hit released in May of 1995 titled Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)" -Thomas Furman


8. "Too good to be true" 

"I tried the online ordering at Walmart for my first time the other day. It seemed so easy and simple. Then, I got this text right away saying 'Alley has started preparing your order' which then made me wonder if it’s a 'too good to be true' type of situation or not?" -Michael Fountain

9. Saved fingers 

"She stopped me from picking up a hand saw from the wrong end one day. Thank you Alley for saving my fingers." -Andrew Perrett

10. Alley with a halo 

"Alley saved me from the rain when I was a small child. My previous trainer had abandoned me because I wasn't strong like the rest of his team. I was scared... Alone. Hiding from the rain under a small leaf. My tail flame was almost out... Then came Alley. She nursed me back to health and let me join her team. God bless you, Alley." -Stefan Johnson Voice Overs 

11. Infinite heart 

"My landlord raised my rent 15% and Alley robbed a bank and personally subsidised the exploitative relationship my landlord has to me as a tenant, her heart is infinite. Thanks Alley!" -Alex Reid 

12. The Alleyway 

"I asked Alley for some advice on my life’s journey. She said 'there's the right way, the wrong way, and there’s the Alleyway.' She is so wise . Thank you Alley!!!" -Sean Anthony Cameron

13. Superhuman 

"I was once trapped under my car after the jack failed. Alley came to my rescue and lifted the car with one arm and pulled me out with the other. She then reset my bones and made a cast from flour and newspaper I had laying around." -John Ryan Lewis

14. Quick recovery 

"I was pushing my wheelchair bound mother down aisle 7 when Alley said hello and brushed past. Suddenly my mother stood and rejoiced and began to walk and dance." -Chad Prather 

15. Always there Alley 

"I lost my wife once in the apparel section. I was so scared Alley went and bought 2 pints of ice cream and sat on the ground and cried with me! 10/10 customer service!" -Andrew Damron

16. Wild 

"She saved me from a herd of chickens once by just using a pencil, it was wild."- Jessica Valentin

17. Miraculous 


18. Found a cure for AIDs

"She found a cure for aids as she was under and when she woke up she donated her paycheck to end world hunger. Then with one leg she climbed into a burning building and saved 6 kittens and four children and their crackhead mother all in a 48 hour span. Not all heroes wear capes sometime they wear Walmart vests" -Mark Casey

19.  There's no height to altruism 

"One time my horse went crazy while crossing a creek and broke both front legs. Alley happened to be driving by and knew I needed help. She fireman carried me and my horse across 7 miles of rough terrain and got us home safe. I'll never forget that day. I didn't know she worked at Walmart! Thank you Alley" -Andy Miller

20. Cured psychological scars 

"I had a very intense personal issue and she provided thorough and comprehensive therapeutic services at no cost to me right there in the garden department. The psychological scars that she helped mend surely merit a raise! I feel that I can live a functional and productive life now and all I was looking for was some begonias. 10/10 highly recommended customer service!" -Andy Snow

21. Cured cancer 

"I used to suffer from major depression. It was so hard for me to get out of bed and face the day. One day, I built up the courage and did some shopping at Walmart so I wouldn't starve for the week. This was the best and luckiest day of my life. I met Alley this day. I think she knew. Somehow she knew of my struggles and gave me the most genuine smile that cured me of my depression!  Not only that, but her stellar service cured my cancer! Walmart better count their lucky stars for having this miracle worker grace them with her presence!" -Andy Stroup

22. True healer 

"Alley is the only reason I'm still here today. She saw me struggling and gave me a pep talk that rivaled a Steve Rogers original. Truly grateful for the inspiration." -Madison Shaw

23. Doremon?

"Last week I was at Walmart looking for some things, and Alley seemingly spawned behind me like in a video game and had a big smile on her face. She then proceeded to pull all my items from a magical bag that seemed to have no end. We smiled at each other for a very comfortable amount of time and then parted ways… Tysm Alley!! You changed my life that day!" -Emily Prigmore


24. Best employee ever 

"Alley teleported me all the way from the UK and back, best worker ever" -Andrew Stansfield

25. Thank you, Alley!

"Alley gave my best friend, a kidney transplant, the other day in the gaming section of Walmart and it was one of the most magical things I’ve ever seen in my life. Great job" -Jonmosslol 

* The original post on Walmart's Facebook page seems to have been taken down. 


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