Watch: Drunk Guy Creates Jack Daniels Fountain To Keep His Spirits Up

Watch: Drunk Guy Creates Jack Daniels Fountain To Keep His Spirits Up

What a masterpiece!

What do you do when you get drunk? Do you call a friend at 2 a.m. in the night to tell them how much you love them? Do you call your ex and unload yourself emotionally just to regret being alive the next day? Do you pass out and wake up wondering how you reached the frigid continent of Antarctica? Well, not this guy. This guy, in the story, let his creativity unleash and while in lockdown, created a whiskey waterfall that is as glorious as one could imagine!


As reported by LadBible, Dave Tonks, 53, had kept a few empty Jack Daniels bottles at hand to create something out of them, candle holders perhaps, but then it hit him and his wife Lisa that they could do something even better. A pest control technician, by profession, Dave told LadBible that: "I made it with bits and pieces laying around the garden and used the pump from an old fountain."



He said: "I was saving the bottles to put candles in them. It was my partner's idea to make a water feature out of them. She did most of the design, to be fair." But the most incredible part of his statement was: "It was a nice day and I was pretty drunk and just knocked it all together."

Of course, filling up the fountain with actual JD and coke would have cost a fortune so the wife suggested that they could replace it with coffee for effect, for now. As the design, however, got out, he was inundated with requests for replicas and may even have sponsorship before long. But that being said, his creation is nothing short of a masterpiece and a drinker's delight. Creativity can be unleashed using the most basic of things and this guy is just a hero for creating a real 'fountain of spirit.' 



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