Watch: Jason Derulo Chips Teeth Eating Corn Using A Drill

Watch: Jason Derulo Chips Teeth Eating Corn Using A Drill

Why would he do that?

Why would anyone put their teeth on something attached to a power drill? Curiosity or sheer stupidity? Well, the results were going to be harsh, weren't they? But as it turns out Jason Derulo does not give a damn about the results and he does what he wants to do. So, in a TikTok video, he goes ahead, attaches corn to a power drill, sticks his teeth on them, and powers on. And voila! Chipped tooth.

Jason Derulo (Image: TikTok)

It appears that the 'life hack' he was trying has been a craze and people have been posting doing the same online. It's a dangerous thing to do and goes without saying that one should definitely not try this at home and if you still need to be convinced then you should definitely look at the video of Jason in pain, sad!

Jason Derulo (Image:TikTok)

He has been entertaining his fans during the lockdown with a lot of TikTok challenges and as many of us know by now, these challenges often do not go as planned. Besides, for a singer, their mouths are precious and one should not have even attempted such a thing. But you are welcome to take a look at the video below and make up your mind if what he did was cool or super silly! 


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