25 Silly Reasons People Paused While ‘Doing It’ | “Boyfriend’s Pet Cockatiel Started to Sing ‘Happy and You Know It’”

25 Silly Reasons People Paused While ‘Doing It’ | “Boyfriend’s Pet Cockatiel Started to Sing ‘Happy and You Know It’”
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In most cultures, sexual intercourse is still a taboo topic people which people don't discuss openly though we now all understand the need for sound sex education from an early age. Many people still feel reluctant to open up about their intimate life even to their closest friends. Some people, however, have an open-door policy, even for their "bedroom moments." A few like to remain anonymous while sharing about their sex life on the internet while some are more candid. This Reddit thread in r/AskReddit reveals the hush-hush details of why some couples had to stop 'doing it' in the middle of a session. Some of the stories are so awkwardly hilarious that we couldn't help laughing out loud.  


@u/Checks_Gone_Wild asked the question, "What's the silliest reason you've had to stop in the middle of having sex?" People went all out to disclose the silliest reasons and here we have listed the 25 most insane and epic reasons. 


1. Ouch!

A rat bit me.
He had a pet rat that had free run of the space at the top of his dresser. I grabbed the edge of the dresser in the middle of things and the rat did not take the intrusion kindly and delivered a sneak attack to my fingertip. Blood fountained everywhere and we had to take a first aid break.
- u/mus_maximus 

 2. JUICE!!

My diabetic boyfriend's blood sugar dropped. He just stopped and yelled, 'JUICE!!!'
Edit: To the butt hurt, he was laughing throughout the entire ordeal. I want you to try and not laugh when your partner screams "Juice" as he's about to climax.
- u/sarahdactyl1026

3. Turned-on

Tried to pick up the romantic candles to turn them off (LED battery powered), but my hand closed on the full glass of water instead which I promptly emptied all over her chest as I tried to turn it off. You can't turn off a glass of water.
- u/Miskalsace

4. Hahaha!

My boyfriend's pet cockatiel started to sing 'Happy and you know it' and wolf whistle.. while watching us.
- u/Prisons


We had been going at it for awhile so my legs were pretty tired. I told my boyfriend while we were switching positions that my legs made me feel like a noodle and in his sexiest, not at all trying to be funny voice, he goes: 'Yeah? Well you're a tight little noodle.' He was furious with himself for saying it after I couldn't stop laughing long enough to continue.
Edit: now I'm a tight little GOLD noodle. Thanks!
- u/Coffeeandscribe

6. LOL

My wife and I were going doggy style and I kind of swept her legs out so we were doing it with her on her stomach. She immediately yelled out 'remooove the suppoooorts' a la the witch weighing scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It took us 30 minutes before we started again because we were laughing so hard.
- u/BMoreBeowulf

7. Boom.

Wife finished and was waiting for me to finish. Heat of the moment and close to finishing she looks at me and says, 'you can do it buddy.' That was the end of it and was like a deflated balloon how fast it went down. Still joke about it.....outside of the bedroom, of course.
- u/ffemtinpa

8. Ouch!

Was in her bed for the first time. The sides of her bed frame rose up and were on the same level as the bed. Flash to love making, I'm half standing going to town, when I reposition my foot on the covers. Turns out that was actually the frame, and I slip, fall off the bed and slam my head on the wall. I didn't get a nut but I did get a concussion.
- u/[deleted]


I made a noise that was a cross between a moan and the grudge and choking sounds. We were laughing so hard we couldn't go on.
- u/worldwideweeaboo

10. Hmm...

I couldn't keep going with Forest Gump going on in the background. I still have yet to finish that movie. Lost my virginity that day though.
- u/just_an_anarchist

11. Ew!!

Her cat stayed in her room as she lived away at college with a few roommates. We were about 10 minutes in and this cat took the smelliest shit in its litterbox. I tried to push through but it was just too powerful.
- u/itlacksahumanpulse

12. But resumed

Well maybe not the middle...she had just finished going down on me and tried to sexily back up in to me when her leg slipped off the bed and faceplanted on to the floor..spent the next few minutes dying of laughter but resumed after.
- u/n00bj00b2

13. Hilarious

Wife was pregnant, baby kicked me in the stomach. She thought it was hilarious, me not so much.
- u/Brewsleroy

14. Serious burn

It started to burn....really bad. Turns out my boyfriend at the time hadn't washed his hands after we had made jalapeno poppers earlier that night. It was an inferno down there.
- u/derekmaelstrom

15. A moment to let it pass

She was on top going cowgirl when all of the sudden she stops and looks down at me with a concerned look on her face. I immediately asked what was wrong— very much concerned I had hurt her or she had hurt herself. She says, 'I have to fart.' So I told her to do it. It vibrated my balls. We couldn't continue because we were laughing too much.
- u/The-Spaceman

16. Quite an adventure

The farmer who's field we were parked in showed up and we had to make a run for it.
 - u/ColdBeef

17. Woody woodpecker

She left her music on 'shuffle all,' which worked fine until the Woody Woodpecker theme song came on.
- u/captainmagictrousers

18. Humor always helps

I was riding him and bent forward to kiss him and made the space between my boobs and his chest make a fart sound and we had to stop because we couldn't stop laughing.
- u/DoNotCallMeBabe

19. Poor feline

Cat jumped on the bed to see what all the commotion was about.
- u/Keefer1970

20. Awkward door situation

My daughter kept finding ways to open our bedroom door when she was supposed to be asleep, so we took the door knob off our door (it's an old house so it's easy to do.) Somehow my little 2 year old daughter found another knob and fit it into the door and opened it. I will post a picture of the door with the three locks as soon as I get home from work if anyone wants me to.
- u/Njall_ironfist

21. LMAO

The bed collapsed and tipped us onto the floor. It happened again a few years later in a different bed.

22. Ghostly

Fooling around on the couch,and take one of the legs off her pajama pants. We get going more and more into it...I pull the PJ pants off completely and throw them over my shoulder as we continue sexytime. About 15 seconds later, I notice shadows are moving weirdly and glance over my shoulder to notice those PJs had landed on a candle and are now on fire. I lunge and grab them and run to the kitchen sink throw them in and turn the water on, then brust out laughing.
- u/darius10

23. Quiet valid actually

We heard the ice cream truck outside.
- u/n_rossetti

24. Mess

In the middle of sex, I suddenly got very wet.
"Oh shit, I think my period just came."
Check sheets, Texas Chainsaw Massacre all over them.
No sex that night.
- u/sakurarose20

25. Hehehe!

I laughed because his moans sounded like the villiger on minecraft..
- u/RagingEmbers

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