These 25 Completely Made-Up ‘Wikipedia Edits’ Is Cracking Us Up

These 25 Completely Made-Up ‘Wikipedia Edits’ Is Cracking Us Up
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Wikipedia was born on January 15, 2001. Back then, we relied on it as a primary source of information for our school projects. The other sources were either paid or needed a subscription but Wikipedia provided free and reliable information and it was user-friendly too.


So why have people developed a mistrust for this free source of information that's been operating for more than two decades? Anyone can edit a Wikipedia page, even people who might not have sound knowledge about the topic on the page. So, how reliable is it? For the most popular articles, Wikipedia's online community ensures the edits are based on reliable citations. The team includes administrators, volunteers and bots. However, because Wikipedia is a volunteer-run project, it cannot constantly monitor every contribution. There are many errors that remain unnoticed for hours, days, weeks, months or even years. Additionally, it is possible that some errors may never be fixed. Hence, some teachers find its information shallow and too basic.


A dedicated Twitter page 'Wikipedia But I Made Them Up' has been poking some light-hearted fun and netizens are slipping in downright hilarious fake information since anyone can write and edit on Wikipedia. The jokes are vandalizing Wikipedia articles but they are as harmless as they can get. We have collected the 25 most chuckle-worthy Wikipedia edits on this Twitter page. The jokes will surely make you laugh even if the information they provide isn't reliable. 


1. Perfect entertainment



2. LOL




3. The 'large guy'




4. Woof. Woof.



5. Two dichotomies




6. "Mr. Cuddleston"



7. Hahaha




8. Hysterical



9. Born: Not yet



10. LMAO



11. Gravity



12. Hamburger



13. Doctors recommend



14. Weakness: Sheer heart attack



15. Newton's law



16. What exactly?



17. Woah!



18. OMG!



19. Forbidden snack



20. Dope as hell



21. Diagnosis: Too polite



22. Versatility



23. Mutual bro-ship



24. A gamer



25. Ah pronouns


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