25 Wild DMs That Were Immortalized Thanks to These Screenshots | “You’re So Beautiful You Deserve 2 Boyfriends”

25 Wild DMs That Were Immortalized Thanks to These Screenshots | “You’re So Beautiful You Deserve 2 Boyfriends”
Cover Image Source: Instagram | weird_dms

We can delete a text sent when we were mad at someone or in a particularly silly mood and if the receiver hasn't already read the text, then harm can be avoided. However, if someone has already screenshotted our text, then we are in trouble. Such is the power of a screenshot. Wild screenshots prove that our DMs have a much longer life than we can imagine. 


If you have sent a rather cheeky DM to a stranger, mind you, they can screenshot and save it on their device. Almost every person is guilty of sending one "desperate, thoughtless" text in their lifetime. But after pressing the send button, there are fewer chances to take them back. As the famous saying goes, "Words once spoken cannot be recalled." Some people send drunk texts or slide into random people's DMs to take a chance. For others, it's their auto-correct that fails them. If you have been at the receiving end of these wild texts, a screenshot can ruin it all for the sender. This Instagram account, @weird_dms has a savage collection of screenshots that have hijacked people's DMs and landed in your feeds. With every passing text, it gets weirder and weirder and hilarious as hell. 


Keeping the senders' identities anonymous, the account posts unbelievably wild and hysterical screenshots as shared by the receivers (we presume). Unhinged, rebellious and sometimes borderline lunatic, these 25 screenshots are like comic relief. 


1. Best advice



2. That was very comforting




3. They didn't even bother to read




4. Hahaha!



5. Dating hallucinations




6. How lonely one can be




7. Clingiest



8. Burn




9. Uh Oh!



10. Desperate?



11. Drunk text



12. Savage



13. RIP smartness



14. Ouch!



15. LOL



16. Dude needs life



17. Cat language is a must



18. Attachment issues



19. Get creative bro



20. Ghostly vibes



21. *scratching our heads*



22. Literally 



23. Honesty is the best policy



24. It's a long story



25. LMAO


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 Wild DMs that were immortalized by screenshots