25 Times This Woman Hilariously Recreated Celeb Fashion With Everyday Items: “It’s Like Playing Dress-up for a Grown-Up”

25 Times This Woman Hilariously Recreated Celeb Fashion With Everyday Items: “It’s Like Playing Dress-up for a Grown-Up”
Cover Image Source: (L) Getty Images | Theo Wargo | (R) Instagram | @angelicahicks

Budget is not a concern if you have the passion and creativity to create something unique. 29-year-old Angelica Hicks @angelicahicks has been going viral since she started posting videos recreating high fashion and red carpet looks from the comfort of her home. She attained enough popularity on social media to collaborate with The Metropolitan Museum of Art ahead of the 2019 Met Gala, as well as Gucci and Yoox Net-a-Porter Group, per Insider. "It's like playing dress-up for a grown-up," she told the outlet in an interview. From Florence Pugh to Kim Kardashian and every other expensive runway look, Hicks can recreate them easily with the help of duct tape, foil paper, toilet paper, trash bags and a bunch of household items. Even though the content creator has been making videos for a while, it wasn’t until March 2022 that she went viral on social media for posting a video in which she recreated a Schiaparelli dress worn by Maggie Gyllenhaal at the Oscars. So, we have combed through her popular Instagram page to bring you 25 outstanding and hilarious recreations of celebrity fashion moments that are sure to stun you and make you laugh at the same time.


1. So what if you're not as rich as Kardashians?



2. A quick recap of Met Gala 2023 in budget


3. Even Rihanna can't compete



4. Using a blazer as a skirt


5. A new meaning of noodle straps



6. Fruit Roll-Ups to the rescue



7. Trying out weird runway looks


8. Dress with duct tape and a trash bag



9. We can't explain these sleeves to fashionistas


10. Toilet paper can solve any fashion problem



11. Foil papers and Christmas decorations become a dress



12. We can just roll up in a bedsheet


13. Cosplaying as Christina Aguilera


14. Her creativity is out of the world


15. Christmas decoration to the rescue


16. Vaccum cleaner aiding in fashion


17. DIY expensive shoes


18. Puffing up sleeves with cotton


19. Anna Wintour better give her a job


20. Period drama costumes with drapes


21. This Unholy Sam Smith look!


22. Foil paper can solve any problem


23. Candy wrappers are fashionable, too.


24. Enough to make Gigi Hadid jealous


25. Some aluminum foil and lots of creativity


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