Women Putting Wasp Nests Up Their Private Parts Because Stupidity Is Contagious

Women Putting Wasp Nests Up Their Private Parts Because Stupidity Is Contagious

There's a strange trend making rounds online and doctors are terrified!

Remember the latest trend of stupidity to consume humanity back in 2017?  We must say that it is STILL one of the most ridiculous challenges to have emerged and doctors have warned that it should not be tried at all! 

Should people be continually told that it is not ok to put wasp nests up their private parts? Has humanity lost its collective mind or are there just a large amount of idiots out there now? Well, whatever it is, a news report came out that warned women of not inserting wasp nests in their private parts in order to make them tighter. According to a report by Metro, a seller known as 'HeritageHealthShop' had listed Oak Galls on Etsy with the claim that it may help tighten your private parts. It was noticed by Dr. Jen Gunter, who had to spell it out on her website, for idiots, "Don’t put ground up wasp nest in your vagina." 

Image Source: ETSY

Oak galls are ball-shaped cocoon kind of stuff that house wasp larvae. As reported by Metro, the listing said: "Some women take manjakani (oak gall) to improve their sex life, Some say it can tighten the vagina." So far, there is no medical proof to ascertain either of the claims but that may not have stopped people from going ahead with the usage either.

Oak Galls (GettyImages-868166470/ Andreas Steidlinger)

As reported by Daily Mail, Etsy, has removed the product listing after it was spotted but Dr. Jen was aghast at what she had seen and had to state in a blunt manner that: "This is a dangerous practice with real potential to harm. Here’s a pro-tip, if something burns when you apply it to the vagina it is generally bad for the vagina." Thanks for pointing that out doc, as people have simply stopped applying their common sense in the name of anything with the tag of 'traditional, exotic, or organic.'

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