25 Work Email Woes That Drive Employees Crazy | “A Coworker Replied ‘K’ to an Email So I Reported Them to HR”

25 Work Email Woes That Drive Employees Crazy | “A Coworker Replied ‘K’ to an Email So I Reported Them to HR”
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The work culture has evolved in the past few years. Thanks to the internet, we can resolve our work-related issues through emails and conduct business seamlessly sitting from the comfort of our homes. But every change has its positive and negative sides. These days, work-related emails keep chiming in at odd hours to remind us that we are never off duty. Gone are those times when people could just leave their jobs post their work hours and go relax without worrying about incoming emails. But now, most working professionals spend their day responding to passive-aggressive emails which test their patience level. So, if you are sitting in front of your computer, staring at the screen, wondering how to politely respond to an email that deserves some cussing, then these memes are perfect to cheer you up for the day. We have rounded up some of the funniest tweets about overflowing inboxes of work emails.


1. Life used to be simpler back then



2. Might as well publish the masterpiece


3. Everyone hates Outlook with a passion



4. But we have to be polite at work


5. Those regards are never warm



6. We can't even use symbols peacefully



7. Work emails are full of fake emotions


8. Sounds like a massive trouble



9. You can't use SMS lingo in a work email


10. Takes a lot of effort and time



11. At least it provides some motivation



12. Must be polite all the time


13. That's a lot of work


14. Emails test your professionalism as well


15. They need to upgrade with time


16. But it always stays limited to an email


17. Either way, it will be unprofessional


18. That's normal work life for you


19. Isn't that holiday time?


20. It's almost the same thing


21. No break for the Americans


22. Anything can happen at your workplace


23. Emojis serve as an icebreaker


24. Outlook is confusing at times


25. Everything needs to sound positive


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 Work email woes that drive employees crazy