25 Relatable Workplace Memes to Make You Laugh From 9 to 5 and Beyond | “You Should Be Able to Call In Sad to Work”

25 Relatable Workplace Memes to Make You Laugh From 9 to 5 and Beyond | “You Should Be Able to Call In Sad to Work”
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Whether you genuinely love your workspace or are a pro at the pretend game, some workday feelings are universal. The 21st century has successfully challenged many workplace taboos like flexible hours, paternity leave, period leaves, etc., but some things have remained the same for centuries, and employees have now made peace with them. 


How? You may ask. Through humor, of course. Because laughing at things we have no control over makes it easier to deal with them. Taking humor seriously in the workplace has benefits beyond deadlines and last-minute boardroom meetings. The monotonous nature of work can drain our positive energy. Contrary to the conventional idea of working, having a funny environment within the workspace has successfully boosted spirits and enhanced productivity and performance. 


In fact, a study has proved that happier employees are 12% more productive. Humor can unlock the right mindset to manage daily-mundane tasks in workplaces across industries. Memes are omnipresent so when something at work gives us a migraine, turning it into a meme and sharing it on our social media platforms can be the perfect outlet. If you aren't quite the meme-maker, you can have fun with memes made by others. To make it easy, we have curated 25 work memes from the online meme magazine, Humorous Resources on Instagram.



1. Auto-mode




2. Haha




3. Guilty



4. Finally, someone said it




5. Yes, please




6. Filling in my cup



7. Ahh!!




8. Just imagine



9. Le monk life calling



10. Mercy Excel



11. It's a dream



12. Everyone's favorite



13. Please don't judge



14. Unrealistic expectations



15. Just an e-mail? You kidding?



16. Office wisdom



17. Sigh



18. *checks bank account*



19. Kids never fail to amaze



20. True story



21. Legendary



22. Blessings 



23. Just sayin'



24. LMAO!



25. Fact


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