People Reveal the Worst Stereotypes They’ve Come Across About the 25 States in the USA and It’s Absolutely Chaotic

People Reveal the Worst Stereotypes They’ve Come Across About the 25 States in the USA and It’s Absolutely Chaotic
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Stereotypical statements about everything are pretty common in media today, including the 50 states. It doesn't matter which state you come from in the USA, you definitely hold some sentimental beliefs about your territory but stereotypes aren't necessarily bad every time. They’re really just generalizations about a group of people based on assumed shared qualities or behaviors. This one user from Reddit, who goes by u/GeorgeVilliers, popped an interesting question on the subreddit of r/AskAnAmerican and a bunch of hilarious responses poured in the comment section. The question read: "What stereotypes are associated with each state?" Since the person asking the question hails from England, we can only assume they were curious about the various regional stereotypes in America.


Here are 25 of the funniest responses from Americans where they described the worst stereotypes they've come across about some of their states. Get ready to laugh at and with the Americans!


1. Alabama

"Alabama is full of incestuous bible-thumpin' rednecks." -u/Duke_Cheech

2. California

"Pretentious and fake people. Too expensive for people to live so full of homeless people (sic). Best weather in the country, probably the world." -u/deleted

3. Connecticut

"Where rich New Yorkers move to be close to the City but still away from it." -u/deleted

4. Iowa 

"Our food is also grown here."-u/deleted

5. Missouri 

"Not as flat and boring as Kansas but still somehow nothing to do. It’s called Misery for a reason." -u/deleted

6. Wyoming

"Nobody lives there." -u/deleted

7. Louisiana  

"Cajun food, used to be French, lots of voodoo witchcraft stuff and swamps." -u/deleted

8. Arizona

"We are actually cactus cat-fishing everyone, pretending we're people." u/GenghisGoldstein

9. West Virginia 

"We're all potato sack, shoeless, toothless, illiterate, moonshine swilling, hillbilly." -u/trailrider

10. Vermont

"Farmers, socialists, retired hippies, all covered in maple syrup." -u/TuskenTaliban

11. Texas

"Oil-tycoons and cowboys, they love Texas more than America itself, hate Californians."-u/TuskenTaliban

12. New Hampshire

"Libertarians who refuse to wear helmets or seatbelts. Hate people from Massachusetts but commute down there for work." -u/TuskenTaliban

13. Massachusetts

"I'm from MA. People assume we're either tweed-wearing college professors, bank robbing townies, or literal cod fishermen." - u/MrLongWalk

14. Ohio

" Generic, flavorless Middle-America. Sucks and every Ohioan wants to escape it, which is why the Wright Brothers and a bunch of astronauts are from there." -u/TuskenTaliban

15. New York

"Loud and obnoxious people who physically cannot stop talking about "New Yawk" and how amazing it is. Hate people from Massachusetts." -u/TuskenTaliban

16. Nevada

"Casinos and hookers." -u/deleted

17. Delaware

"Doesn't exist, is actually just a PO box for corporations to place their headquarters, the federal government perpetuates the lie that Delaware is real. Stay woke." -u/TuskenTaliban

18. Hawaii

"Hula girls, retirees, surfers, and homeless people who were sent from the mainland." -u/TuskenTaliban

19. South Carolina

"I grew up in SC. If you’d like to get away with multiple murders, drug trafficking offenses, and child abuse, you’re home now." -u/moodyfoodies

20. Maryland

"People who eat a ton of crabs, they really like their flag." -u/TuskenTaliban

21. Michigan

"Dairy farmers with really obnoxious accents. Michigan's upper peninsula is inhabited by a people called "Yoopers" who are a weird mix of Scandinavian American and Canadian." -u/TuskenTaliban

22. Utah

" Mormons. Lots and lots of Mormons." -u/deleted

23. New Jersey

"New Jersey are all rude and trashy, with bad tans and a grudge against New York." -u/Yodelingbox

24. Washington

"Washingtonians are flannel wearing introverts with an obsession with Starbucks." -u/Yodelingbox

25. Wisconsin

"Wisconsin is very drunk. Not an unfounded stereotype, our drinking culture is pretty out of control and there's been data that shows we have more bars than grocery stores that I'm too lazy to find." -u/RegularAstronaut 

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 Worst stereotypes revealed by people about American states